Work underway to reduce number of Namosi inmates

April 26, 2022 5:10 am

The Namosi province has noted an increase in number of inmates by at least three percent over the past three years.

Namosi Provincial Council Chair, Ro Baleibau Delailomaloma says it’s concerning that their recent findings show that a majority of those serving their terms in correction centres are youth.

Delailomaloma adds family and societal breakdown, as well as illegal drug activities, are some of the root causes identified.

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He says this is usually amongst topic of discussion during the annual provincial meetings, and the Council is optimistic about changes in the near future.

“We’ve noted a steady increase over the past few years. I can only vouch for parents at home and community leaders to coordinate and involve the villagers, particularly the youth in meaningful engagements for their benefit. The figure can decrease if we strengthen our collaboration at the community and national level.”

The Council is calling on stakeholders in the province to assist in an effort to reduce the number of Namosi inmates in correction centres across the country.