Women participation in energy sector encouraged

February 28, 2024 6:45 am

[File Photo]

Women and girls play a crucial role in shaping the future of our energy sector, and their perspectives and leadership are vital in the transition to renewable energy sources.

This was highlighted by the Permanent Secretary of Women, Children and Social Protection, Eseta Nadakuitavuki, during a Panel discussion about Pacific Women in Power.

Nadakuitavuki says that some compelling research shows some captivating reasons which point to environmental and social barriers, which include stereotypes and gender bias that hinder women from entering the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering and Physics.

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The PS for Women states that women can contribute significantly towards the economy if given opportunities in the energy sector.

Women’s full and equal participation in this sector pa, particularly clean energy, is integral to environmental sustainability and development in our region as women are very well situated to help develop and make important decisions around their households and their communities.

Nadavukikuita adds that the Ministry for Women acknowledges that such programs help bridge the gender divide.

“The need to close the STEMP gender gap is more critical than ever. The Ministry for Women, Children and Social Protection are more pleased with the Pacific Women in Power Program and we acknowledge and show support to all the organizations involved and their tremendous efforts to help advance the gender gap in our nation and region.”

The PS highlighted the need for women and girls to make the right choice and encouraged them to take up opportunities in the STEMP fields to bridge the gender gap and contribute to the country’s energy sector.