Wind turbines to power sporting facilities

November 29, 2023 4:27 pm

The Fiji Sports Council has taken a sustainable move and will soon transition to using ultra-modern wind turbines to source clean, green, renewable energy for all facilities and arenas under the Fiji Sports Council.

This follows the official signing of the $57 million Power Purchase Agreement with Infinite Power Clean Energy.

Acting CEO of the Fiji Sports Council, Gilbert Vakalalabure, says the initiative aims to assist identified sporting facilities struggling with the electrification system, particularly in rural communities.

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“I have to identify, especially in rural areas, that they deserve this kind of development. We cannot just leave them along and move with the one that is in the urban; we also have to remember that those that are in the rural need to be upgraded and put in electricity and quality lights for them to be able to play after coming from the farm.”

Vakalalabure says it’s about time to shift away from just identifying development players in every field by first developing the ground and facilities that they play on.

Infinite Power Clean Energy CEO Robert Beam says that the use of ultra-modern wind turbines will be less expensive.

“We are bringing them to Fiji and here in the South Pacific because there are cleaner, less expensive ways to produce electricity, 24 hours a day, using only 1 mile and an hour of wind, or up to 200 miles of wind, and turbines continue to produce electricity.”

The installation of the wind turbines in the sporting facilities will take up to 4–5 days, with areas already identified, including Vadravadra in Sigatoka, Ganilau Park in Savusavu, Labasa, and Nawaka, Nadi.