Water disruption to affect Suva to Lami schools

April 12, 2024 8:52 am

The Education Ministry has confirmed that all schools in the Suva and Lami areas will remain open today.

Acting Permanent Secretary for Education, Timoci Bure says following consultations with the National Disaster Management Office and the Water Authority of Fiji they can confirm that there will be water disruption today.

This is due to a burst main in Princess Road, Tamavua.

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Bure says the schools will remain open as water carting to the affected schools began yesterday.

Upon assessing the valves, it was discovered that the isolation valve along Princes Road has been completely sealed over and cannot be located, thus expanding the area of disruption to now include the greater Lami to Togalevu area.

The WAF  team is on-site to expose the damaged main, assessing the extent of damage to determine the repair timeline.

All parents and guardians are advised to ensure their children bring safe drinking water to school.