Villagers urged to utilize natural resources

June 19, 2024 2:54 pm

The Nadroga/Navosa Province has been urged to utilize their natural resources.

Speaking at the opening of the council meeting in Navosa, Minister for iTaukei Affairs, Culture, Heritage and Arts Ifereimi Vasu highlights the province’s rich agricultural potential.

Minister Vasu stresses the need for communities to capitalize on their land resources to bolster economic growth and improve livelihoods.

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He states that Nadroga/Navosa is renowned for agriculture.

Emphasizing the dual benefits of sustainable agriculture, Vasu points out its potential to provide economic stability for families while promoting healthier living standards.

He also called on the importance of equitable care and support for all residents, irrespective of ethnic backgrounds, fostering unity essential for national development.

Vasu adds that collaboration remains paramount in the journey towards nation-building and prosperity.