USP hit by cyber-attacks daily: Vanualailai

September 27, 2022 12:47 pm

The University of the South Pacific’s Acting Vice Chancellor Education, Professor Jito Vanualailai has revealed that their networks are hit by cyber-attacks on a daily basis.

Professor Vanualailai highlighted this during the University’s submission on the Convention on Cybercrime before the Standing Committee this morning.

Vanualailai says they are being attacked from various parts of the world.

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“The attack is basically trying to penetrate our system through various means in order to get data from the University and we are fortunate that we have built our experience over the last 30 years with the help of our stakeholders, Fiji Government, Australian Government, New Zealand government to build a secure system. “

Professor Vanualailai assures they have measures to counter to cyber-attacks.

The Cyber Crime Convention is a criminal justice treaty that provides states with the criminalization of a list of attacks against and by means of computers.

By becoming a party to the convention, Fiji’s ability to combat cybercrime will enhance with international support particularly in relation to continued capacity building.

Vanualailai says the University believes that the Cyber Crime or the Budapest Convention provides the necessary framework for international co-operation in fighting cybercrime.

He adds USP is also offering a number of courses related to cybercrime and security to empower the future workforce with resources and equip the society to fight cybercrime.