UK’s ongoing commitment to policing in Fiji

December 3, 2023 12:11 pm

UK Defense Advisor, Lieutenant Colonel Sophie Waters

The United Kingdom reaffirms its commitment to supporting and contributing to policing efforts in Fiji, recognizing the interconnected nature of global security, prosperity, and freedom.

UK Defense Advisor, Lieutenant Colonel Sophie Waters, underlined the value of teamwork in tackling the transnational issues the Pacific region faces as well as the contribution of professional police forces to the development of effective law enforcement and community trust.

Waters says that part of the assistance provided, three senior Fijian police officers attended an international development program at the UK College of Policing.

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“These officers had the opportunity to build relationships with police officers from across the globe and experience training on personal leadership, organizational development, all crucially within a context of legitimacy and consent underpinned with ethics and human rights.”

The Defense Advisor underscored that professional police forces, backed by the trust and confidence of the people, are better equipped to address the complex challenges of the modern world.

Waters is adamant that the distance between Fiji and the United Kingdom might be great but the bond is even greater.