Tourists covered by ACCF

September 27, 2022 5:58 am

Accident Compensation Commission, Fiji Chief Executive, Parvez Akbar, ran an awareness session with members of the Society of Fiji Travel Associates.

The session covered the rights, entitlements, and obligations under the Accident Compensation Act 2017.

Akbar clarified the position on ACCF coverage for tourists to SOFTA members.

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He says the Motor Vehicle Accident Levy covers drivers, passengers, and any third party that suffers injury or death arising from a motor vehicle accident since January 2018.

Akbar says this includes tourists who are victims of motor vehicle accidents.

He confirms that no additional insurance coverage is required for tourist injuries or deaths in Fiji.

A total of $35.9 million in compensation has been paid since January 2018, of which $25 million was for motor vehicle accidents, $10 million for employment accidents, and $727,500 for school accidents.