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The President read a FijiFirst speech: Tikoduadua

November 30, 2018 2:23 am

Many have rightly stated that President Joji Konrote was ungraciously compelled to read a FijiFirst campaign speech.

Replying to the President’s speech, NFP President and Opposition MP Pio Tikoduadua says he has known Konrote for 30 years but unfortunately the words that the President speaks now are different to what he would say during his military days as he stood for peace and the people.

“I am saddened that his Excellency found it fit to read that speech as I heard it because it is a stark contrast of what I know this person to be. I hope to see in the next four years or the term of this parliament that his Excellency would demonstrate more of the traits and the characteristics that bind us that I once knew him for.”

Meanwhile, Tikoduadua was told to withdraw his statement after he said that Minister for Lands Ashneel Sudhakar is one of the trustees of Fiji’s Vishva Hindu Parishad.

Sudhakar raised a point of order saying he is not a trustee and that Tikoduadua needs to prove what he mentioned.

“The honorable member has just stated that I am trustee of VHP, it’s an incorrect statement, I am not, and I stand by it even his leader just spoke about that. I currently state that I am not a trustee and he should withdraw the statement.”

Speaker of the House, Dr Jiko Luveni then asked Tikoduadua to withdraw his statement.

“Taking your instructions, I withdraw that statement.”

Meanwhile, parliament will adjourn today and will be sitting again in February, 2019.