Targeted training programs to address skills gap: Gavoka

April 20, 2024 7:37 am

[File Photo]

While there has been an increase in departure of skilled workers, the Education Minister has expressed confidence in Fiji’s ability to meet emerging job vacancies through targeted training and educational programs.

Viliame Gavoka emphasized efforts between the Ministry of Education and the Higher Education Commission to swiftly address workforce gaps.

He highlighted this in parliament when questioned on the plans to quickly upskill individuals to fill the vacancies in the tourism industry.

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“We know what they need to do and we have people like that service providers and FNU and others who can train people within the six to eight weeks to replace any gaps at that level.”

Education Minister, Viliame Gavoka

Gavoka also emphasized the preference for local solutions over foreign recruitment.

“For foreigners, it’s only at that special skills level. I don’t think there is a need right now to go and bring in numbers as maybe contemplated by other industries in Fiji we can do it in tourism locally.”

He says 2,035 students graduated in diverse skill sets tailored for the tourism and hospitality sector last year.

Gavoka adds that statistics from the National Employment Centre reveals that nearly 100 individuals are actively seeking employment opportunities within the same industry.