Tabuya calls on women to step up

February 12, 2024 12:06 pm

[Source: Ministry of Women, Children and Social Protection - Fiji/ Facebook]

Women’s Minister Lynda Tabuya has called on women to step up and try to fill the gaps left by individuals that are leaving our shores.

Tabuya says that women will have to take forward the economic engine and keep it going during such challenges.

Tabuya highlighted this while speaking to the Women Entrepreneurs graduates in Suva last week.

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Women’s Minister Lynda Tabuya [Source: Ministry of Women, Children and Social Protection – Fiji/ Facebook]

She states that women’s economic empowerment is critical for sustainable development and inclusive growth.

“We only have to look to our left and right to see, dear women, the number of men leaving our shores. We have more and more women who are left behind. But what does that mean for us? Where there is a challenge, there is an opportunity, and we need to put our women to work. The women will become the backbone of this economy.”.

Tabuya says that global evidence confirms that countries can unlock enormous economic growth potential by breaking down barriers and stereotypes that hinder the economy.

The minister says that the Women’s National Action Plan will be brought to cabinet this week and hopes that it will be approved.

She says that this action plan will create a level playing field for all women who have the passion to venture into the entrepreneurial arena.