Sustainable policIes require concrete dialogue

July 7, 2024 4:42 pm

Timely dialogue is needed to formulate concrete policies regarding climate change and environmental resolutions.

Permanent Secretary for Environment, Dr. Sivendra Michael says Fiji is leading the charge in many environment-related initiatives on the national and global front.

Dr Michael says these include discussions on pollution, conservation, and adaptation financing.

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He says these efforts can benefit the rest of the Pacific as the entire region is facing climate change related challenges.

“So, ensuring that conversation is taking place in the right way is important and so other countries are able to learn from that. So we have the ability to demonstrate the effectiveness of our policy in the region and be able to influence that as well through good practices and also adapt.”

Michael says Fiji’s efforts to champion environment sustainability is necessary for the Pacific Island countries to be included in decision making process and coordination.

The Environment Ministry hopes to advance efforts to lead by example in the ongoing fight against climatic change.