Surge in demand for co-operative awareness in maritime islands

April 2, 2024 6:09 am

[File Photo]

The Ministry of Trade, Co-operatives, Small and Medium Enterprises has noted a significant uptick in requests for cooperative awareness and registration, particularly from the maritime islands.

This surge aims to bolster the establishment of community-based enterprises, fostering income generation and employment opportunities.

During a recent two-week co-operative visitation to Ovalau and Moturiki islands, the Ministry’s Assistant Manager Eastern Vasemaca Delai with her team conducted a series of 12 awareness sessions.

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They also provided training for four registered co-operatives and monitored the progress of eight others.

Delai highlights the overwhelming demand for cooperative business model awareness, especially in rural and maritime regions.

She says that Fijians transition from subsistence-based livelihoods to formal business ventures, while still upholding the traditional i-Taukei principle of ‘solesolevaki’ in their operations.

Delai also emphasizes the importance of prospective cooperative members’ active participation and full awareness during the registration process.