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Short term observers briefed on their responsibilities

November 12, 2018 12:08 am

Short term observers who are part of the Multi-national Observer Group are now fully aware of their core responsibilities in the upcoming election.

The observers, who are from overseas and the Pacific are gathered in Suva this morning for a training with the Multinational Observer Group in Suva.

MOG Co-chair, Jane Prentice says the observers must understand their roles here and ensure that the election conducted is fair, appropriate and within Fiji’s electoral laws.

”In performing your role as an observer, you must remember that you are not here as representatives of your home government or even as individual politicians. You are here as independent members of MOG and central to this, is your commitment to uphold the MOG code of conduct. I would also suggest to you that I know you may be contacted by media outlets in your country but MOG must speak as one voice.”

Prentice adds Fijians expect MOG observers to conduct an assessment as to whether the election outcome actually reflects their will.

MOG Co-Chair Mukesh Sahu says it’s important that all observers are on the same page and are aware of their duties come Wednesday.

”We must understand the whole electoral process here in Fiji, how it is conducted so when we go to observe on Election Day, we will know where to observe, what to observe, what to see, what not to see, what to speak and what not to speak.”

More than 60 representatives from overseas countries including the Pacific are part of the one day training session.

They will be deployed to parts of Fiji tomorrow to observe both voting and counting on Election Day.

The MOG is a group of countries and international organizations that’s been invited by the Fijian Government to observe the 2018 General Election.