Rotumans observe “Fara” in Suva

December 27, 2022 7:20 am

The sound of drum beats, guitar strings, and melodious voices echoed through the streets of Suva as Rotuman’s observed their annual event, “Fara.”

A youth group from the District of Juju travelled from house to house to perform and entertain their families and friends, to mark the festivity.

The tradition may look like a singing and dancing marathon, but as they say “tools down, let the festivity begin”.

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District of Juju Leader, Paserio Furivai says this is a moment to share the festivity.

“This Fara, that we go around to celebrate and dance in people’s houses. Fara literally means to request … to ask for, but it simply means when we go to a house – we request to be with the family. So, we can share the festive season.”

Furivai says this is also an opportunity to visit their families and friends.

“In Suva, because we live in different places. So today we decided to go out and visit some of the families and friends and go Fara to them.”

The Rotuman’s festive season starts on the 1st of December, and this is when members of their community are expected to stop, drop, and roll into the festivity.

About 70 youths were part of the “Fara” in Suva yesterday.