Rosie to bring in electric passenger vehicle for tourists

February 17, 2024 7:17 am

Nadi based Tourism icon, the Rosie Travel Group will be bringing in Fiji’s first ever fully electric passenger vehicle as part of its contribution to the sustainable transformation of Fiji’s Tourism industry.

Speaking at the signing ceremony, Group General Manager, Eroni Puamau says that this is a multi-million-dollar investment into the future for the Group where they see even greater potential for aligning with the sustainable development goals of Fiji’s Tourism economy.

He says they are celebrating their 50th year in Tourism this year and Rosies has always been at the forefront of major change and innovation.

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“We’re excited about this new journey for us in terms of where it’s going to take us. And for us, there’s going to be a lot of learning. There’s going to be a lot of times of just really making the most of the opportunities that come out of this sustainable journey that we’re on, both with the Vision Motors Group, and also Solar Hub Fiji.”

Puamau says they have partnered with Vision Motors Fiji to bring in the 7-seater MPV MIFA9 manufactured in China by MAXUS.

General Manager and Dealer Principal for Vision Motors Fiji Ajay Lal says this is a step in the right direction which will encourage the transformation of our tourism transport services.

In addition to this, an important consideration for them was finding a sustainable charging solution and they have partnered with Solar Hub Fiji.

Managing Director and co-founder of Solar Hub Yogesh Chand says Rosie is known for their innovation as a trail blazer for our tourism industry and it is wonderful to see their support of renewable energy sources.