RFMF personnel assist flood victims

April 1, 2024 12:24 pm

[Source: RFMF/ Facebook]

The Republic of Fiji Military Forces Joint Task Force Command swiftly responded to aid the residents of Vunitogoloa Village in Ra yesterday in the wake of recent flooding in the area.

A team of 16 RFMF personnel from the Joint Task Force Command promptly initiated operations, focusing on debris removal, drain clearance, and overall cleanup efforts.

Their concerted efforts aimed to restore normalcy to the lives of the affected villagers, enabling them to resume their daily routines with renewed resilience.

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[Source: RFMF/ Facebook]

Commander of the Joint Task Force Command Brigadier General Manoa Gadai personally visited the affected community along with the Ra Provincial Administrator Elimi Rokoduru.

[Source: RFMF/ Facebook]

Their presence highlights the RFMF’s commitment to standing by vulnerable communities during times of adversity, reinforcing their dedication to Fijians.