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Retail outlet closes indefinitely at MHCC complex amid concerns

October 30, 2018 12:43 am

Vodafone Fiji has closed its retail shop at the MHCC complex in Suva only for today and waiting for clearance from the building owners.

Vodafone’s Retail Manager Praneel Chaudhry told FBC News that they have closed their retail store for only today and would reopen it pending a report from the property owners.

MHCC is owned by the Carpenters Group Fiji Limited.

Group Director, Daniel Whippy says a thorough assessment of the site is now being carried out by their overseas contractors, the Suva City Council’s Engineering Unit and the Ministry of Employment’s Occupational Health and Safety team.

He adds initial assessments conducted yesterday confirmed that the building is structurally sound.

However, since the FBC News story aired last night about the concerns with the MHCC complex which was initially highlighted in a social media post that went viral, video footage has now emerged showing some compromised aspects of the building.

In one video shot today, there appear to be cracks on the ceiling with the debris seen on the counter-tops of the retail Donut King shop which is located on the ground floor of MHCC.

In another video shot a month ago, there was pouring water coming through the ceiling’s light fixtures which MHCC staff struggled to contain with several buckets.

Whippy says this was a result of a contractor not covering the area after the installation of an air-conditioner with the situation worsening with the torrential downpour that was experienced on that day.

Yet another video shows, flooding in the carpark area with water streaming down the plumbing from an upper floor.

Whippy says once the inspection today by the relevant authorities is completed, a joint statement will be issued.