Release of explicit images is an issue

February 9, 2023 12:30 pm

[File Photo]

The release of intimate images or videos is a common complaint that the Online Safety Commission receives, says Acting Commissioner Mary Motufaga.

She says image-based abuse or revenge pornography is an issue in Fiji.

Motufaga says the complainants are mainly young adults.

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“This abuse is like naked pictures mostly about couples who have separated and then in retaliation, they post up one of those pictures online and so we have the victims coming to us like complaining to us that they want it removed.”

Motufaga states that after a complaint is lodged, the Commission will send a notice to the perpetrator, demanding that they remove the explicit image or video online.

The Commissioner adds that if the accused person fails to comply with the order, the Commission transfers the case to the police to deal with it.

According to the Commission, a person can report image-based abuse if they are in the video or image, or if they are a parent or guardian on behalf of a person who’s in a mental or physical condition that requires assistance to manage their affairs.