Rayalu proposes budget boost for coconut sector

March 22, 2024 6:50 am

[File Photo]

The Agriculture Ministry plans to request an increase in the budget for the coconut sector in the upcoming financial year.

Speaking at today’s World Coconut Day celebration yesterday, Agriculture Minister Vatimi Rayalu stated that the current budget of $1.4 million is insufficient.

Rayalu is planning to request three million dollars and he has directed his senior management team to advocate for an increase in the budget, emphasizing the importance of sufficient funding to implement strategic interventions effectively.

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He also highlights the necessity of ample funds to support various aspects of the coconut industry.

“We aim to improve research and development, capacity building, market access initiatives, coconut farming and value chains for the sector.”

Over 100 government officials, cooperatives, youths, and other groups associated with the coconut industry were part of yesterday’s event.