PRB urges action on housing shortage

January 22, 2024 4:07 pm

PRB General Manager Timoci Naleba

Public Rental Board General Manager Timoci Naleba has highlighted the surge in iTaukei individuals relocating to urban areas.

He says this signals a pressing need for increased accommodation.

According to Naleba, 83 per cent of all PRB tenants are iTaukei.

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He attributes this trend to the uncontrollable phenomenon of rural-to-urban drift citing educational requirements and a lack of services as key contributing factors.

“There are a huge number of iTaukeis that are moving into the urban areas so that means there is going to be a need for more accommodation, and I believe that the iTaukei affairs will know the issues that we have right now and the need for more housing.”

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Naleba revealed ongoing discussions between the PRB and the Ministry of iTaukei Affairs to address this housing demand.

Long-term projects have been set with collaborative efforts underway to find viable solutions.

The Ministry of iTaukei Affairs is engaged in partnership with the PRB to solve this issue and work towards sustainable resolutions.