Poor communication leads to teacher transfer error

February 6, 2024 6:25 am

[File Photo]

The Education Ministry is grappling with communication issues that have left over 100 teachers clueless about their reassignment to a new school for the current academic year.

Complaints have been mounting since the start of the school year, with some teachers only discovering they had been replaced when they arrived at the school where they had previously served.

Education Permanent Secretary Selina Kuruleca says proactive measures and has issued a directive to those responsible to address and rectify the problem.

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“Some of the requests were just coming directly to HR, and they were trying to sort them out, but the district and divisional officers were left out of the loop for whatever reason. I understand that it may have been an old way of doing things, but I can assure you that we’ve dealt with it as per my instruction to HR staff two weeks ago.”

Fiji Teachers Union General Secretary Muniappa Gounder says they are supporting their members and urging the Ministry to maintain transparency with the staff.“Teacher has been posted to schools where they are already teachers in some of the positions. So they are extra teachers. I mean to say, I’ve got some examples. Teachers posted from Nausori; they have been posted to Lautoka, but still they are in schools, which are overstaffed, so they don’t have a class. They are just moving around in the school compound.”

Fijian Teachers Association GS Paula Manumanunitoga also shared similar sentiments.

“I think if you were going to be transferred to a place you don’t know, like as teachers, we need to be consulted. And all these teachers, all the mature teachers, are complaining because teachers who have a lot of experience with teachers who have adult children living with them.”

The Permanent Secretary assured that appropriate processes are in place for future actions.

The Education Ministry reassures that it is actively addressing the issue and remains optimistic about a swift resolution to ensure minimal impact on students.