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Police officers deployed to supervise printing of new ballots

November 14, 2018 5:55 pm

A team from the Police Special Response Unit will be deployed to the Star Printery in Raiwai, Suva this morning to oversee the printing of new ballot papers for the 7852 voters.

These voters are from the 23 polling venues that were cancelled by the Fijian Elections Office during the counting of ballot papers yesterday.

Police Chief of Operations ACP Maretino Qiolevu says officers who were manning the polling venues which were closed yesterday have returned to their units and are on standby for another deployment.

”Our officers will again be deployed this morning at the Printery up at Raiwaqa for the printing of ballot papers for those polling venues to have been closed. But the officers that were manning those places are now back on standby preparing for redeployment again once the counting commences.”

ACP Qiolevu says more than one thousand officers were deployed for post-election operation last night and feedback received was that it was generally quiet around the country.

”People just going on with their own business but in terms of moving around as we go around there was not much movement in terms of traffic and also people were seen alot in their own polling venues to cast their vote but otherwise in town areas and cities were very quiet.”

ACP Qiolevu says they will continue to be on standby and assist the Fijian Elections Office carry out election in a transparent manner.