Police force is not corrupt: Fong Chew

June 14, 2024 4:50 pm

Acting Police Commissioner Juki Fong Chew says they are committed to cleaning up the force while abiding by the law.

This as the force has been labelled as dishonest, corrupt and unethical which according to the Acting Commissioner has been demoralizing.

He says the actions of a few police officers do not fairly portray the whole of the police force and everyone in the force is not corrupt.

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“As the Acting Commissioner of Police, I want to reassure the Fijian public, that the Fiji Police Force is not entirely corrupt – nor are all officers unprofessional. As an organization, we too have gone through turbulent times that have unduly influenced policing roles to a certain degree.”

The commissioner says that as an organization, they are going through a transformation and transition period, as part of the forces commitment to restoring the blue culture.

He adds that it is a process that will take time, and they are committed in restoring confidence in the policing profession which will be done according to the law.

Fong Chew has vowed that the Fiji Police Force will succeed and asked for the public to trust the process and not to be discouraged.

The commissioner says that with a clear mindset and purpose they will make a difference through their actions and that this is their commitment to all Fijians.