PM applauds YP Reddy and Patel's legacy

January 7, 2024 12:59 pm

Prime Minister Sitiveni Rabuka with Yanktesh Permal (YP) Reddy [left] and Vinod Patel [Source: Prime Minister Sitiveni Rabuka/Twitter]

Prime Minister Sitiveni Rabuka has expressed his deep admiration for the late business tycoons Yanktesh Permal (YP) Reddy and Vinod Patel.

The Prime Minister hailed them as highly courageous, visionary and principled individuals commending their contributions to the business landscape and the employment of thousands of Fijians in their companies.

Rabuka acknowledged YP Reddy’s prominence in the tourism sector as the head of the Reddy Group and Tanoa Group of Hotels.

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He lauded their business accomplishments portraying them as models of dedication, hard work and effort.

Highlighting his personal connection with Vinod Patel, Rabuka reminisced about their collaboration during his first term as Prime Minister when Patel served as a Parliamentary representative of the National Federation Party.

This period, according to Rabuka was monumental and led to the enactment of the widely-applauded 1997 constitution.

He states that their parliamentary mission aimed to foster political cooperation, addressing and resolving the complexities, fears and divisions within Fiji’s multi-ethnic society.

Rabuka shared his experience as a long-time customer of Patel’s hardware business noting that he consistently paid his 30-day accounts on time.

However, he candidly recalled a challenging time when the previous government ceased his pension, causing difficulties in meeting his debts to Vinod Patel.

Despite this, Rabuka expressed gratitude as the company extended grace periods for his payments.

Concluding his tribute, Rabuka conveyed his certainty that Patel and YP Reddy would be surrounded by grace and compassion on their journey to the afterlife.