Palm Sunday inspires youth to break from troubled paths

March 24, 2024 4:31 pm

Nabua Methodist Church Pastor Manasa Ratumuri stressed that the Nabua area is notorious for youths engaging in unlawful activities; however, he hopes through the Palm Sunday program they can stray from their undesirable habits.

Ratumuri says the Sunday school and the church have been preparing for Palm Sunday for days in hopes of instilling valuable and Christ-like principles.

“We all know Nabua is a hotspot for criminal and unlawful activities that have been going on in this area for a while. We hope that this program assists and boosts help motivates our children from an early age in Sunday School for youths to see a clear picture of what lies ahead of them.”

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The head of the Nabua Sunday School, Margeret Tabua, hopes children can learn from Jesus’ triumphs and incorporate them into their own lives.

“For the children, this is something that will bring triumph into their lives when they know that the Lord Jesus Christ has already shown the way to his victory in Jerusalem, and this will give them victory every day as they go through hardship.”

Palm Sunday serves as a reminder for Christians that even in triumph, it is vital to follow Jesus’ footsteps with humility, sacrifice, and faith in adverse times.