Online Safety Commission needs more powers

February 17, 2024 12:22 pm

Communications Minister Manoa Kamikamica has brought attention to the need for enhanced enforcement powers within the Online Safety Commission.

Kamikamica is optimistic that regulatory agencies, including the Commission, will play a more proactive role in shaping a safer digital landscape.

Highlighting the current limitations of the Commission, Kamikamica emphasizes the necessity of empowering regulatory bodies to go beyond mere observation.

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Kamikamica is hoping these agencies will actively put forward recommendations for meaningful reforms.

“It’s fair to say the Online Safety Commission doesn’t really have many teeth. So the good thing is that it’s set up. We are part of the anti-scam task force. And within that, I’m hoping that all the regulatory agencies will start putting forward recommendations to make changes so that the regulatory agencies are not only there to watch; they’re also there to actually pull up bad or inequitable behavior.”

Kamikamica says there are other enforcement mechanisms that can be utilized.

“There are also fines that can be imposed through the Safety Commission. Right now, I think we leave it to the police. And so, that’s something that needs discussion.”

According to the Communications Minister, they are working in collaboration with the Online Safety Commission in New Zealand and Australia.