New Park Bure for Savusavu

August 10, 2022 5:40 am

[Source: Premila Kumar/ Facebook]

A new Silversun Children’s Park Bure has opened in Savusavu.

The Savusavu Town Council has spent $25, 000 on this project.

Minister for Local Government, Premila Kumar says this initiative provides a social environment for the children.

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[Source: Premila Kumar/ Facebook]

Kumar says there is a need to create such spaces for the communities but one of the major setbacks is vandalism

“Definitely bring a social environment for our children. Our children also need social space where they can interact with one another, they can play with one another. That brings community together because children will not come alone – they will come with their parents.”

[Source: Premila Kumar/ Facebook]

Kumar called on residents to take responsibility for the park and report cases of vandalism.

[Source: Premila Kumar/ Facebook]

Savusavu Town Council has 578 ratepayers.