New molecular lab boosts Pacific’s crop research capabilities

April 28, 2022 11:00 am

[Source: SPC/Facebook]

A Post-entry Quarantine Greenhouse has opened in Narere, Nasinu which will provide a number for important functions for Pacific plants.

The new Centre for Pacific Crops and Trees which is Biosecurity of Fiji approved Greenhouse was opened by Australian Governor General David Hurley.

The Greenhouse is based at the Pacific Community’s Land Resources Division campus in Narere.

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It has been established under a grant agreement with the Australian Government through the Department of Foreign Affairs.

The Greenhouse will also look at the plant collections of the new Center as the region emerges from two years of increasing agriculture and plant genetic challenges due to COVID-19.

The greenhouse’s main uses will be to regenerate conserved crop and tree collections, support receipt of new plant imports and carry out scientific research on plant varieties, particularly for different climatic conditions such as drought salinity and waterlogging.

Programme Leader for Genetic Resources at SPC, Logotonu Waqainabete says this will guarantee the availability of plant materials from the gene bank to support farmers who depend on them.

In addition to increasing capacities in health testing and greenhouse-based scientific research, it will also enable the Center to do quality checks for genetic integrity based on scientifically proven standards and protocols.