Nadi River to be dredged again

August 9, 2022 11:50 am

The Nadi River will be further dredged benefiting more than 800 households.

While commissioning the project today, Minister for Agriculture, Waterways and Environment Dr. Mahendra Reddy says the dredging project will protect villages like Narewa, Sikituru, Yavusania, Maqalevu and Moala who are situated along the riverbank.

Doctor Reddy says the River was last dredged in 2010, in three stages.

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“What we will do through dredging is increase the discharge capacity, restore the discharge capacity so that there is an increase of volume of water coming down to Nadi past Nawaka and these villagers immediately get discharged because we are removing the silt.”

The Minister says indirectly this will also reduce the possibility of Nadi Town being flooded.

Dr Reddy says the project aims to remove 1.2 million cubic meters of silt over 9km from the river mouth and upstream.

He adds not only villages will be sheltered from future flooding but settlements, plantation and infrastructure as well.

Hong Yuan Development PTE Limited, a China based company has been awarded the contract to carry out the dredging.