Municipal Councils urged to develop resilience plans

November 28, 2022 10:40 am

Minister of Education, Heritage & Arts and Local Government, Premila Kumar, officiated at the 75th Anniversary Celebrations of Nadi Township. [Source: Fijian Government / Facebook]

Local Government Minister, Premila Kumar says every town and city needs to develop a resilience plan or strategy.

Speaking at the 75th Anniversary Celebrations of Nadi Township, Kumar highlighted municipal Councils must go beyond the scope of their responsibilities and collaborate with members of the private sector and civil society if they are to genuinely transform our cities and towns.

Kumar adds the story of resilience is really one of cooperation; it involves all tiers of Government, business, and civil society cooperating for a single goal.

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She says the goal is lowering the risk of catastrophic events while simultaneously enhancing residents’ daily lives.

Despite its challenges, Kumar says she is certain that Nadi has a bright, and resilient future.

Kumar says the Nadi Flood Alleviation Project is a priority for the Fijian Government in terms of major infrastructure development.

The purpose of this project is to reduce future harm caused by floods in Nadi town’s commercial district.

The Minister has also urged Nadi Town Council to give residents a more eco-friendly, secure, and hospitable environment where businesses can be conducted much more effectively.