MOU signed to assist women become better entrepreneurs

September 22, 2022 6:20 am

More than 3,000 women will now have the tools they need to succeed as entrepreneurs in both the formal and informal sectors.

This as a memorandum of understanding was signed yesterday between South Pacific Business Development Microfinance Limited, Financial Management Counsellors Alliance, and the Women Entrepreneurs Business Council.

Financial Management Counsellors Alliance representative, Lagi Fisher says they have joined hands to mentor women to become better entrepreneurs.

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“We are prepared to actually bring in learned and seasoned coaches to actually provide that service and coaching so that we have brighter days for women entrepreneurs, particularly those operating at the micro level in the country.”

South Pacific Business Development Fiji Director Lorraine Seeto says more effort is now being placed on assisting women in small and micro businesses.

“SPBD vision is to improve the livelihood of families in Fiji through its financing services. SBPD is also is also a human-centered design to advance women to have an opportunity to bloom to full potential.”

The South Pacific Business Development Fiji provides training to women, so that they are able to venture into the micro-finance sector and move out of poverty.

Currently, more than 6,500 women are part of the various SPBD centres around the country.