Ministry hands over farming equipment

February 8, 2023 12:06 pm

[Source: Ministry of Agriculture Fiji/ Facebook]

The Ministry of Agriculture is committed to continuing to serve the remote islands and, most importantly, to improving service delivery to farmers in their respective localities.

Minister Vatimi Rayalu says they are focusing on improving the efficiency and effectiveness of production by modernizing and improving the sector.

Rayalu has commended the resilience of the farmers in the remote areas.

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“I am very familiar with the circumstances you face every day out on the islands. I must congratulate you for your resilience.”

[Source: Ministry of Agriculture Fiji/ Facebook]

Rayalu handed over three small farming equipment to farmers of the Baravi farming group of Natokalau village in Ovalau, the Vadra Cluster Group of Moala Island in Lau and to Epineri Waqabaca of Waitabu, Lakeba in Lau under the Small Farming Equipment’s programme of the Ministry.

[Source: Ministry of Agriculture Fiji/ Facebook]

The small farming equipment includes rotavators and brush-cutters to address labour shortages and ageing farmers and increase agricultural production in remote islands.

[Source: Ministry of Agriculture Fiji/ Facebook]