Minister urges inclusion swimming curriculum

January 16, 2024 10:32 am

[Source: Fiji Swimming]

The Minister for Children has made an urgent call to the Education Ministry to consider the inclusion of survival swimming skills in its curriculum.

Lynda Tabuya laments the sad passing of two children when the fiberglass boat they were traveling in capsized in Tuvuca Waters in the Lau Group last week.

Tabuya says including survival swimming skills in the curriculum will ensure that children are prepared with the relevant skills should they encounter a mishap out at sea.

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Meanwhile, Tabuya has also called on all parents and community leaders, especially Turaga Ni Koro’s in rural and maritime areas, to ensure that boats operating in their respective communities are regularly checked.

She emphasizes this is important to ensure that these vessels have relevant marine safety equipment such as life jackets, emergency VHF, and flares, which can be useful during incidents such as this.

She reiterates the call for all parents and guardians to be vigilant and ensure that children know water safety rules and are taught how to swim.