Minister proposes microbank for women

February 10, 2024 12:45 pm

The National Action Plan for Women’s Economic Empowerment is something that the Women’s Ministry has been working on since last year and is expected to be brought to cabinet next week for approval.

This was highlighted by the Minister of Women and Children Lynda Tabuya during the Graduation ceremony of women entrepreneurs yesterday in Suva.

Tabuya highlighted that they are looking at the idea of a microbank in Fiji for women.

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She says that they are looking at the whole of government and all of society to be inclusive of this idea.

“And we would like to see a bank specifically for women, where women can borrow, where women can become shareholders, where there will be alternative criteria in terms of women being able to qualify for finances to grow her business and we are looking at microbusinesses that the women can take it to the next level.”

Tabuya highlights that it is high time that Fiji establishes a microbank so that women can get more involved in economic activities.

She adds that this will be part of the consultations that will happen after the national action plan activities are approved by the cabinet.