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Maritime terrorism must not be ruled out: Fiji Navy

October 23, 2018 7:22 pm

Apart from the threat of climate change, illegal, unreported, unregulated fishing and drug smuggling within the region, the Fiji Navy is not ruling out maritime terrorism.

This is the undertaking of terrorist acts and activities within the maritime environment.
Terrorist attacks against maritime targets are very rare but Fiji Navy Commander Captain Humphrey Tawake says they must be prepared at all times.

“Just a couple of years back we had this incident in Bali and a couple of incidents in Australia and we have been following this all along but Indonesia is just around the corner, it’s just 3 and half or four hours away from us and looking at our geographical location we’re not exempt from all these activities that are happening around the region.”

Captain Tawake says anything can happen especially with Indonesia and Australia being in the immediate surroundings of the Pacific region.

Meanwhile, US Naval Secretary Thomas Modly who recently visited the country says they recognize that maintaining strong partnerships and alliances is critical to provide more security for Fiji and the region.

“_As you know the barriers to entry for people to have an asymmetric type of power has become much more critical and severe. We almost lost a ship several years ago when a small ship rammed it with explosives. The price for the terrorists compared to us was very asymmetric. It was probably one hundred thousand dollars to develop that weapon and it attacked a warship of ours that cost two billion dollars.”_

The US Navy says everyone has to be vigilant in this area and they’re fully committed to assisting Fiji in looking at ways to combating the threat.