Majority in favor of Medicinal Cannabis Industry setup

February 7, 2024 7:10 am

[File Photo]

The Medicinal Cannabis Taskforce has received an overwhelming response during the 17 public and community consultations conducted as of November last year.

Trade Minister Manoa Kamikamica says more than 500 people attended the consultations with over 75 percent strongly agreeing to establish this industry in the country.

He says that over 55 percent agreed that the establishment would raise the standard of living in Fiji, generate Government revenue and create employment.

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Kamikamica says the consultation phase has concluded, revealing a strong indication that people are in favour of establishing the industry.

“That’s been widely positively received by the people of Fiji. We had an initial consultation with the Fiji Council of Churches and part of the approval process is conducting consultations which has now come to an end.”

Kamikamica says the upcoming phase, a feasibility study, is currently in progress, and the enactment of legislation is imminent.

“We are conducting a feasibility study into the industry and I am hopeful that will be concluded around February or March this year all goes well we go back to Cabinet for formal approval and that will also include the legislation that’s required to actually bring the industry into play.”

Kamikamica disclosed the government’s plan to introduce standalone legislation by mid-year.

He emphasized the noteworthy trend of increasing demand, pointing out that legalization in various countries, is expected to remain robust as more nations embrace it.