LTA implements comprehensive measures following allegations

March 11, 2024 3:15 pm

[File Photo]

The Land Transport Authority is implementing a comprehensive strategy to investigate, rectify, and prevent corruption within its ranks.

This is being done in response to a recent statement from Opposition MP Naisa Tuinaceva claiming corruption in LTA’s licensing processes.

Tuinaceva and the Fiji Driving Schools Association, have made allegations of bribery and corruption within the ranks of driving examiners, customer service officers, and enforcement officers.

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Acting Chief Executive, Irimaia Rokosawa says these allegations suggest that some individuals within the LTA may have accepted bribes in exchange for issuing driver licenses without proper assessment.

Rokosawa says the LTA acknowledges the gravity of these allegations and wants to assure the public that it views this matter with the utmost seriousness.

As a first step, to prevent corruption the LTA has initiated a thorough review and enhancement of internal systems, internal monitoring mechanisms, and the implementation of robust risk mitigation strategies.

Rokosawa says effective immediately, internal processes and approvals will be exclusively handled by regional managers and team leaders, aimed at restricting unauthorised access and preventing any tampering with standard operating processes.

Furthermore, the LTA is conducting a comprehensive review of its standard operating procedures to enhance transparency and efficiency.

Rokosawa says simultaneously, audits are being conducted for driving schools across Fiji.

These audits will ensure compliance with regulations and standards, enhancing the quality of training and driving standards in the country.

Rokosawa says the Authority is working diligently to investigate the specific claims made by the Fiji Driving Schools Association and will take appropriate action based on the evidence provided and subsequent findings.

In this regard, the LTA is encouraging the Association to come forward with evidence that would assist in the investigation process.

Rokosawa adds the LTA will continue to work closely with stakeholders such as the Fiji Police Force and Fiji Independent Commission Against Corruption to address any and all claims of corruption and bribery.