LTA calls for responsible road behavior

December 5, 2023 6:37 am

Authorities are urgently sounding the alarm over the unsafe use of headphones and phones by drivers and pedestrians, highlighting the heightened risk of accidents on the roads.

Acting CEO of the Land Transport Authority, Irimaia Rokosawa, is discouraging this treacherous behavior as it distracts attention from being courteous and considerate while on the road.

The LTA considers the use of devices a distraction and calls on the public to be responsible road users.

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Rokosawa strongly encourages people to disrupt this culture of lack of consideration.

“You need to be courteous; you also need to be vigilant of your environment, especially when you’re crossing on zebra crossings, those junctions with traffic lights, and there are signals out there you need to adhere to in terms of road markings, road signage, and also traffic lights. Distractions deviate you from being vigilant of your surroundings environment.”

Rokosawa is also requesting Fijians to report cases of the use of headphones by both drivers and pedestrians while on the road to help prevent future road accidents.