Legalega family laid to rest

August 31, 2019 5:20 pm

Hundreds of mourners gathered at the Votualevu College in Nadi to pay their last respects to the family of five whose tragic death has left the country in shock.

The cries of the two fathers who lost their daughters filled the shed at the victim’s home in Legalega as they were farewelled.

The five were found dead in Nadi’s Nausori Highlands six days ago.

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Not able to hold his tears, head teacher of the Nadi Sangam Primary School Navneet Kumar, where eleven-year-old Sana and eight-year-old Samaira studied, said he will miss their sweet voices.

“Every time she comes in she says good morning Sir. She knocks at the door and greets me. From this week Monday until Friday I am just waiting for her smile, gesture and her soft voice. I am just missing that and certainly I will miss it forever.”

Kumar described the girls as hardworking and well behaved.

“Sana, just in week 13 of term 2, she celebrated her birthday. Everyone was there. Her mother, her friends were there and everyone joined in. And just after couple of weeks, she is no more.”

Samaira’s friend Krisha Chetty says she misses her best friend.

“We were together and I was her best friend and I miss her.”

Sana’s friend Lashika Devi says her friend still has a special place in her heart.

“My friends name is Sana I miss her very much. We used to share everything and I love her very much.”

Meanwhile speaking on behalf of the people of Nadi, Votualevu College manager Pramendra Nath, says it is unfortunate that such an incident has unfolded in their area.

“We pass our condolences to the family and we are really sorry to the community. I have known the Kumar family from my childhood days and they have been very humble.”

People from different religious backgrounds were part of the prayer service held at Votualevu College.

Sympathies and support for family members continue to flow.

While 63-year-old Nirmal Kumar, his 54-year-old wife Usha Devi, their 34-year-old daughter, Nileshni Kajal and his two granddaughters were cremated at the Votualevu Cemetery today, police are still investigating the circumstances surrounding their deaths.

The post mortem results have indicated the five died after ingesting a substance not yet revealed by the police.