'Lady Daya' approved to sail in Fiji waters

July 3, 2024 12:36 pm

The new Goundar Shipping vessel, “Lady Daya,” a 29-year-old ship, has received the green light from the Maritime Safety Authority of Fiji.

MSAF Chief Executive Joeli Cawaki says approval was granted by the Minister for Transport, allowing the vessel to join Goundar’s fleet.

FBC News asked MSAF if due processes were followed to pass the Japanese vessel.

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Cawaki says MSAF facilitated the survey and registration for Goundar to be able to bring in the ship.

According to the Ships Registration Act, vessels less than 20-years-old can only be registered in Fiji.

However, Parliament agreed some years ago that any ship over 20-years-old must receive approval from the Minister for Transport.

Cawaki stated that regular checks will be conducted on these older vessels to ensure safety and compliance.

“This one there will be random checks, within two years it will have to go up the slips. All the boats that are beyond 20-years we are strictly adhering to the safety of the vessel.”

Cawaki also admits that the majority of Goundar Shipping’s vessels are over 20-years-old.

The newly acquired boat was purchased from Japan and taken to Korea for dry docking and fitting of parts, including the lounge and seating arrangements.

The CEO says the boat is a welcome addition as it will cater to the increasing movement between maritime communities.

The MSAF understands that the boat will service the Northern Division and Kadavu.