Kaise Baat hits Fijian screens

August 4, 2022 4:10 pm

Hosts from left Manisha Pillay, Fariha Tafsil and Timoci Tukana.

The Fijian Broadcasting Corporation is introducing Fiji’s first ever Fiji-Hindi topical 30-minute talk-back show called ‘Kaise Baat’ from today.

It will cover a wide range of national and international topics.

The show features three young hosts, Timoci Tukana, Fariha Tafsil and Manisha Pillay who will bring their individual perspectives on issues that are relevant to the Fijian audience.

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Timoci Tukana.

Tukana says they aim to relate this to the Fiji-Hindi audience in their ways of conversing.

“It consists us three from very different backgrounds, we are also from three different backgrounds at the workplace, so basically we will bring in three different opinions and ideas and sometimes it may turn into a debate or a laughter-based situation.”

The fun-filled talanoa session will be aired every Thursday at 6.30 pm.