India acknowledges Fiji for its support

January 14, 2024 4:10 pm

Indian High Commissioner to Fiji Palaniswamy Karthigeyan

The Indian government has acknowledged its Fijian counterpart for its support for the Temporary Telemetry Center.

Indian High Commissioner to Fiji Palaniswamy Karthigeyan says the centre was established in August last year in Nasese for its solar space mission, Aditya L1.

Karthigeyan says the centre served as a space-based solar observatory.

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“For this TTC facility that was set up in Suva in August last year to cover this mission, we are indeed very thankful to the Fijian government for their support in making it happen.”

Karthigeyan states they are working with the Fijian government on capacity building.

He adds that last year, the Indian High Commission sent one Fijian engineer for a training program in India at ISRO to build nanosatellites.

The commissioner highlights that this is a unique expertise that he believes would be very important for a country like Fiji, which has its huge aspirations.