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Highly connected network of Fijians involved in illegal activities

January 28, 2019 7:01 am

A highly connected network of Fijians are alleged to be involved in unscrupulous business practices in relation to the tax and border laws of Fiji.

FBC News confirms the Fiji Revenue and Customs Service has commenced investigation into these criminal activities to crackdown on those responsible.

Chief Executive, Visvanath Das says the FRCS was able to get a lock down on these culprits through its profiling mechanism.

“We have risk profile on reports and that’s how we mark shipments for inspection. That means not all shipments get 100% checked but based on risk profiles we conduct them. The building of the profiles happen with information that we get on the document and our counterpart agency as well.”

Das says this revelation was made in addition to the smuggling of two stolen vehicles from New Zealand.

“In this instance, we checked the shipment that came through which was a 40ft container. Of course when we opened the container there were spare parts. When we removed the spare parts and further inspected the container, we discovered these two vehicles.”

Das says they have also discovered other importation scams.

“Vehicles not necessarily stolen but vehicles that are prohibited are getting imported into the country. So that is where other agency collaboration is necessary, because you’ve got to have a network of how do you get the vehicle registered and other things that follows.”

Das warns those caught in such unethical practice, will face prosecution.