High profile figures linked to Highway Alert Viber Group

December 6, 2023 6:46 am

[File Photo]

It has been revealed by the Acting Chief Executive of the Land Transport Authority that a significant number of high-profile individuals are part of the Highway Alert Public Viber Group.

This group, boasting over 14,000 members, provides alerts to drivers regarding the locations of police and LTA officers with speed guns, checkpoints, and other traffic operations.

Irimaia Rokosawa, expresses concern that such behaviours not only jeopardize their operations but also put the lives of many Fijians at risk.

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Rokosawa says by being members of the Viber Group, these individuals are condoning those who disregard road safety rules.

“There are mothers, there are fathers within this Viber forum, there are civil servants, there are Fijians who sit in high corporate office. Let’s be courteous, let’s be considerate and empathize with the spirit of trying to advocate road safety, advocate good driving behaviour all within the intern to reduce road fatalities.”

LTA Acting Chief Executive Irimaia Rokosawa

Rokosawa says that certain LTA staff were inadvertently added to the group, and they observed that it is highly active.

“They are very active in terms of indicating where the checkpoints are and if they just utilize that energy that effort in sending out road safety awareness messages.”

Speeding continues to be the leading cause of accidents in the country, with 72 lives lost on our roads so far this year.

With the festive season approaching and roads getting busier, both the LTA and the Police will enhance their visibility to minimize accidents.