Hard work pays off for an aspiring computer engineer

January 9, 2024 12:22 pm

13-year-old aspiring computer engineer Ayush Shukla was surprised to score 494/500 in the Fiji Eighth Year Examination.

Shukla who is the national topper says the exam was challenging, but his hard work paid off.

Speaking with FBC News, the Rishikul Primary School student says his study routine and managing his time wisely began at the beginning of the year, and this is how he also overcame his challenges.

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Shukla is thankful to his mother for her support during his late-night studies and for always being around to assist with the school work he struggles with.

“Well, my parents did support me a lot, especially my mother, because as I said, I was studying from five to ten. So that’s like late in the night. And my mom did wake up and support me. And she was like staying with me so I wouldn’t feel alone while studying.”

With finality, the young lad says no matter how hard your studies will be, you must develop yourself to the fullest to achieve what you want.

Proud Dad, Dr Udya Shukla says they couldn’t be more proud of their son’s achievement.

Dr Shukla said travelling early in the morning to avoid traffic has always been a struggle for them as they live in Dilkusha, Nausori but that didn’t deter Ayush from managing his time to reach school on time.

He said parental support is very important in ensuring the child’s development, and if any kids are having difficulty, the parents are there to support them.