Climate Change

Government enhances disaster response

February 1, 2024 6:11 am

[Source: Fiji Climate Change Portal]

In light of the continuous issues encountered by displaced communities, the coalition government is stepping up efforts to strengthen disaster response and resettlement measures.

According to the Acting Director for Climate Change, Filimone Ralogaivau, this commitment is part of a larger strategy to meet the needs of communities impacted by climate change while ensuring their resilience and recovery.

“The Government of Fiji is also looks into how we can better some of our initiatives when we look into the supplies that we give towards those that are affected and this is also in regards to communities that are being displaced.”

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The Acting Director is adamant that the government understands the critical need to improve the effectiveness of help and supplies provided to affected communities.

He adds the relevant authorities are working to refine their strategies to ensure that the displaced populations receive adequate and timely support.

Ralogaivau highlighted the government’s commitment to learning from the past and improving disaster response mechanisms.