Government encourages getting COVID-19 booster dose

March 21, 2023 5:34 am

The Ministry of Health will continue to push for the vaccine booster dose through various initiatives.

Although governments’ move to revoke the “No jab – No Job” policy, Attorney General Siromi Turaga says this will ensure that Fiji remains proactive against the COVID-19 virus.

Turaga says the COVID-19 booster programme will contribute towards the improvement of health and safety of the general public, employers and workers in turn contribute to sustainable societal and economic recovery.

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These initiatives includes face to face education, awareness, broadcast and webinar sessions with the businesses/employers and workers for workplace booster vaccination, collaboration and launching of tailored campaigns with vulnerable workforces including the tourism sector, frontline workers at the border, airline workers, seafarers and other networks.

Turaga says this also includes promotion and provision of information on vaccination and vaccination sites.