Give media equal access says Saneem and FMA

September 29, 2022 12:30 pm

The Supervisor of Elections says that in the interest of a free and fair election, all political parties should give equal access to all media outlets.

Mohammed Saneem made this remark after questions were raised about the National Federation Party that does not allow the Fiji Sun and the Fijian Broadcasting Corporation to attend their press conferences.

The Party also have a stance of not speaking to the two news outlets.

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Saneem says the FEO has noticed that certain media organizations are also participating in more reporting on certain political parties.

He says this should not be the case as every media organization should be allowed to get vital information.

“Political parties should give access to all media to report on their activities. We have noticed also particular very direct access for some political parties to certain  media organizations and limited to others, this is a matter of great concern.” 

Meanwhile, the Fijian Media Association says for the National Federation Party to deny certain media organizations from attending their press conference is unacceptable.

FMA says it raises concern and question marks about NFP’s commitment to media freedom and recognizing that the media provides for different perspectives and alternative views on issues and policies.

It says political parties and governments cannot preach media freedom but practice something else.

The FMA says that for a free and fair election and for a thriving democratic society, the media must be given access to all political parties’ press conferences and events.