Girmityas' contribution to education and multiculturalism

May 14, 2024 6:46 am

[Source: Fiji Government/ Facebook]

President Ratu Wiliame Katonivere says one of the greatest legacies that was born in Fiji was the value Girmityas placed in education.

Ratu Wiliame states this was the pillar for change in societies, as the Girmitya descendants invested in setting up schools and education systems in Fiji to build knowledge-based society.

Speaking at the Girmit Day celebrations in Lautoka yesterday, Ratu Wiliame says the legacy of the indenture system in Fiji is inspirational and profound.

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[Source: Fiji Government/ Facebook]

He also states that one of the significant changes this system brought was that Fiji also became a multiracial country.

The President adds that the Indians brought their rich cultural heritage which included their traditions, language, cuisine, music, and festivals.

“Through this intercultural dialogue, community engagement, and initiatives has aimed at bridging ethnic cohesion that they have helped nurture a more inclusive and unified society. The citizens of Indian descent and iTaukei interactions has shaped the total socio-cultural environment in which both groups inhabit.”

Ratu Wiliame says Fijians remember the sacrifices made by the indentured labourers that laid the foundation of the multicultural society that we today call home.